Is Making Your Home a Smart Home a Good Idea?

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017 | 2315 views

Do you want to boost your home’s efficiency or perhaps save money on your energy bills? What about creating a safe and secure environment for your family? If the answers to these questions are yes, you might want to consider investing in smart home appliances.
Many of these devices connect to the internet and let you control them from your smartphone. They also track your living habits and adjust accordingly for improved comfort and convenience. With those ideas in mind, explore the following guide to help you decide if making your home a smart home is right for you.

Smart Home Appliances

Boost Efficiency With Smart Home Appliances

Smart appliances are useful additions to any home since they can make daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning easier to do. Plus, many of them connect to a Wi-Fi network, allow you to control them from your mobile device, and send you maintenance alerts and reminders.

How convenient would it be to get a notification on your smartphone when you need to empty your dishwasher or replace an item in your refrigerator that’s about to spoil? How about appliances that can simplify cooking? With the June Intelligent Oven, for example, you can adjust its temperature and visually watch your food cook from your phone.

With a smart washer or dryer, you can stop or start the machine, choose a cycle, and check your laundry’s status with the tap of a finger. Let’s say you’re having a get-together but don’t feel like sweeping the floor. No problem. You can set your smart vacuum to work its magic before your guests arrive.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Consider having a qualified HVAC technician install a smart thermostat in your home. Systems such as the Bryant Wi-Fi Thermostat can cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 25 percent. Smart thermostats track online weather reports to find an ideal temperature for your home and offer tips on how to save money. These devices also allow you to conveniently adjust the temperature when you’re out to avoid wasting energy.

Other smart systems include humidifiers that note changes with your home’s humidity levels, water heaters that reduce standby heat loss, and water leak detectors that can point to a potential leak. For custom comfort, you can have a ductless, or mini-split, system installed to heat or cool rooms individually. Once this system is in place, you won’t have to worry about your HVAC system heating or cooling a room that isn’t occupied.

Increase Your Home’s Safety and Security

Smart appliances are great tools for increasing your family’s safety. With Wi-Fi security cameras, you can easily get live feeds of your home on your smartphone, computer, or TV with remote playback. You can also buy a system such as the Defender 4-Channel Security DVR that records from different camera locations and conveniently stores the video footage.

Additionally, you can invest in smart lights that turn on with a timer to create an appearance that people are home even when they’re not or doorbells that trigger your phone’s camera to show you who is at the door. If you take steps to secure your home, you’ll likely avoid any dangerous run-ins.

With many gadgets designed to improve home comfort, having a smart home could be a good idea.

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