Hands on With the New Fujifilm X100F Camera

Fujifilm has announced a new fixed-lens Fujifilm X100F Camera, the camera is updates to prior model X100. The company updates the camera with improved sensors, new processor from the company’s high-end camera. While the biggest update is indeed the new image sensor and there is also some tweaks of the features and design.

Fujifilm X100F Camera

The camera has a 24 megapixel Xtrabs lll APS-C sensor and the new sensor is joined be an improved 91 point autofocus system, which can be split up to 325. And it covers 40 percent of the frame with hybrid phase and contrast-detections points.

Fujifilm claims that the X100F fixed lens camera will lock focus in as little as 0.08 seconds. Shooting speed has also been improved with a 0.5 seconds start-up time, 0.2 second shot-to-shot time, and a shutter lag of just 0.01 seconds.

The shutter speed dial has an integrated ISO dial, so it’s not necessary to dive into menus to change ISO anymore, while there is a front command dial, which can be programmed to control a variety of parameters.

Unfortunately the camera did not shoot the 4K video, which is very disappointing. The Fujifilm X100F Camera has boasted the video specs lightly so that it can shoot Full high definition video at 60p, and also 30 or 24p.

Fujifilm X100F Camera Specs

  • 24 megapixel Xtrabs lll APS-C sensor
  • 325 autofocus point
  • 49 phase detection points
  • Exposure Compensation adds custom C
  • New ISO dial stacked with a shutter dial
  • Shoot Full HD video at 60p
  • No 4k video

Price & Availability

The X100F camera will be available in early February and priced at $1,300.

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