Easily organize your sofa space with the Boardy Modular USB Sofa Organizer

With multiple modules Boardy modular sofa organizer holds your phones, tablet and more items in place, and integrated USB charger permits you to charge your mobile devices with out leaving the couch. You can’t see this kind of technology at events that providing a magnetic modular system. Boardy lets in you to swap among panels to fit your needs. With its smooth to mount design, Boardy easily adapts on your couch space so that each one your necessities are close by.

Additionally, you could securely place your cup of tea on top with out worrying that it’ll fall. Likewise, it comes with a separate slot of your cellphone, pocket book, and papers. Boardy additionally gives two USB ports so that you can charge your devices while not having to leave the couch. Crafted from high-quality wood, the detachable panels genuinely connect the usage of stop magnets. You don’t even want any equipment or glue to mount your Boardy since the stop magnets enable you to match it in beneath a minute. Aside from your couch, Boardy is also helpful at your desk and inside the kitchen or bed room.

Boardy Modular Sofa Organizer

Boardy Modular Sofa Organizer Design

The Boardy is a flexible and practical modular sofa organizer that perfectly work with your mobile devices. As we can see from the images, the organizer shows off a minimalistic and sleek appearance design that allows it to fit for different sofa styles, and the adjustable design ensures it fits any sofa regardless of the arm rest’s dimension. Meanwhile, all pieces of Boardy are made of high-quality oak wood, which delivers a durable construction and gorgeous wood grain. With the help of super strong magnets, you can easily mount it in less than a minutes time without needing a screwdriver or a glue stick.

Boardy Modular Sofa Organizer Features

With a wide top surface, the sofa organizer holds various items and allows you to access to them with ease like TV remote, magazines and more. Furthermore, a detachable tablet and phone stand keeps your smartphone in portrait or landscape mode for easy handsfree viewing, and a custom rounded tray comes with three adapters that fit for various bowls. More importantly, the organizer comes equipped with two USB charging ports on both front and rear panels in order to charge your mobile devices. In addition, two side panels can be used to hold your laptop and magazines.

Boardy Modular Sofa Organizer Price

The team behind Boardy is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge €79 (approx US$97) to preorder the modular sofa organizer. It will be shipped in August 2018.

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