Drivers Can Now Place A Dunkin’ Donuts Order Right From The Waze App

Google simply wants to make your morning shuttle as easy as possible with a new feature in its Waze app. The company is adding an ‘order ahead’ feature to the Waze app and the first announced partner is Dunkin’ Donuts to let users order breakfast and coffee from within the app. The navigation app waze helps the drivers to avoid traffic, it integrates with Spotify app, and has a growing ride-sharing platform. Members of the Dunkin’ Donuts rewards program will be able to program their favorite items, and then any time they head out onto the road, they can place an order with one just tap in Waze.

Waze app

Waze app

Waze’s new feature requires you to have the upgraded version of the Dunkin’ app on your Android device or iPhone, which connects in directly to the Waze through its existing mobile ordering feature. Firstly, you simply pick your favorite items through the Dunkin’ Donuts app, by using the existing on-the-go feature. Then, Waze app will automatically locate the nearest Dunkin’ and enable you to place your preset order with one tap.

Google purchased Waze back in 2013, and if you look at the other features Google has added to Waze — Spotify controls, a parking spot data, and carpooling service. While Google already has a robust and widely used maps app, and Android Auto is a pretty unique infotainment system, it appears that Waze is intended to function as an in-car OS of sorts.

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