Why You Should Get a Smart Thermostat Before Summer

by BeemTech | Monday, Jun 5, 2017 | 2763 views

With the weather getting hotter so that even springtime has its sultry periods, you should decide to get a smart thermostat before summer arrives. You may think that you’re saving money by waiting until June or July, but you’re doing yourself — and your wallet — a disservice. Discover several advantages to taking care of your cooling needs in the spring, advantages which can be more beneficial to you if you opt for a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostat Before Summer

Mild Temperatures Create a Baseline for Comfort

You have to teach a smart thermostat how to cool your home the way you prefer. Springtime’s moderate temperatures are ideal for creating a baseline by which you can judge your home’s comfort level. Since the temperatures are relatively mild, you can program your smart thermostat in peace. Specifically, you don’t have to worry about battling too many 90-degree days, which also means that the thermostat won’t waste much energy through the programming process.

Low Demand Equals Big Discounts

The law of supply and demand hits its peak in the summertime, if only because people can get so hot that they have no patience for a home improvement store’s lack of air conditioning units or an HVAC tech’s lack of availability. You can save yourself the trouble of coming up short if you start planning for summer during the springtime.

Getting a head start on your cooling needs does more than guarantee an appointment or a new HVAC unit, however. Advanced preparation also increases your chances of gaining a significant discount in services. Since the demand for smart thermostats and other cooling options is lower in the spring, installers are happy to encourage new business with incentives. The thermostat itself might have a low price, or perhaps you’ll get an installation discount, which can prove that smart thermostats save you money even before you begin using them.

Summer Savings Start Early

The less your cooling system has to work, the better. Cranking up your air conditioner on a day with soaring temperatures and high humidity makes the unit work in overtime as the unit tries to cool a sweltering space. This practice wastes energy, which, in turn, loses money. Install your smart thermostat during the spring gives you the opportunity to keep your home uniformly cool. Your thermostat won’t have to work nearly as hard to cool down your rooms, no matter what conditions are like outside.

An App Lets You Have Convenience

Smart thermostats have the added advantage of being smart devices, which means you can always find an app for that use. You can gear up for summer when you have the ability to set a cooler temperature inside your home no matter where you are. With an app that allows you to access your thermostat from afar, you can adjust the temperature before you arrive back home after a vacation or business trip.

You don’t have to wait until the summer temperatures are already in the triple digits before you do something to cool your home. You start your garden during the spring, and you clean your home during the spring. Why not install a new, smart thermostat during the springtime, too?

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