Why Is Toyota So Popular?

by BeemTech | Thursday, Aug 28, 2014 | 3792 views

Whenever you head out on a public road somewhere, I can guarantee you that you’ll come across a car made by Toyota. Models made by the Japanese car maker are a familiar sight in most countries around the world.

ToyotaBut why are they so popular? If you have never owned or even driven a Toyota before, you might feel confused about the marque’s popularity. Don’t get me wrong; Toyota isn’t the world’s best car brand, it just happens to be the most-popular!

In today’s blog post, I will run through some of the reasons why Toyota is such an iconic car brand and a big part of many a motorist’s life.


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Toyota is a popular marque is down to the reliability of its cars.

Toyota has a reputation that borders on obsessive when it comes to reliability. The firm employs thousands of engineers to test all major components in every model it produces. No car leaves the factory without a clean bill of health!

Millions of people around the world depend on Toyota cars. They are the marque of choice when it comes to public service vehicles, such as taxis and private hire vehicles.


The Japanese firm produces a large cross-section of vehicles to cover various markets. From those that basic, dependable cars to those that want to drive around in the lap of luxury. There is a Toyota to suit everyone’s lifestyles and needs!

For instance, did you know that Toyota is the parent company of the luxury car brand Lexus? You will find that the vast majority of Lexus owners are happy with their cars. The same reliability and attention-to-detail follows on from Toyota.

Even the car enthusiast market is well-covered. There are plenty of sporty models on the market from Toyota. For example, the current model lineup includes the GT86 sports cars. And for those that stick with used cars, there is always the iconic MR2 and the powerful Supra models!

A lot of enthusiasts also customise classic models, such as the Corolla GTS and the Celica!


You would expect that a reliable, popular car would cost a fortune, even on the secondhand market. But did you know that another reason Toyota cars are popular is because “the price is right”?

Toyota has another obsession, and that is with waste. They spent billions of dollars refining their assembly processes using LEAN manufacturing. That is according to Inchcape Toyota, a dealership well-versed with all things Toyota.

In other words, they want to be an efficient car maker. They don’t waste as much as other car makers do, and so they can keep their operating costs low. Those savings get passed onto consumers.

Even the cars sold under the Lexus brand aren’t as expensive to buy as their German competitors. Some people might think that cheap cars equal poor quality. That is not true when we talk about Toyota.

Do you own a Toyota? What are your thoughts on your pride and joy? Let us know by posting in the comments section below!

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