Which? Names Citroen C1 As UK’s Most Reliable Supermini For 2014/15

by BeemTech | Friday, Aug 15, 2014 | 2494 views

In the United Kingdom and Europe, the Citroen C1 is a firm favourite with thousands of happy motorists. But if ever proof needed to back up that fact, one could find it through the results of a driver survey.

Citroen C1

Which? provides unbiased, independent reviews of stuff in the UK, with cars being one of the many categories that they cover. In a recent survey they carried out, it turns out that the Citroen C1 is the most-reliable supermini for 2014!

In the Which? Car Guide for 2014 and 2015, the Citroen C1 is the most-reliable model for superminis up to three years old. The interesting thing to note is that the cheapest models car makers sell aren’t always the most-reliable.

But Citroen seems to have broken that habit when it first unveiled the Citroen C1 to the world back in 2005. The French car maker is happy to learn that the C1 scored an amazing 99.3% in the reliability score for the supermini category!

The results of the test coincided with the launch of the second-generation Citroen C1. Industry experts report the new C1 builds on the success and reliability  the first generation offered.

“Very successful”

James Parfett is Citroen UK’s Director of Communications. On learning the results of the Which? survey, he said that the C1 has “proved a very successful model.”

Mr. Parfett is also keen to point out that the C1 has sold more than 780,000 units worldwide since its launch.

The Citroen C1 was a joint development with Toyota. The Japanese car maker sells the car as the Toyota Aygo, while Citroen’s brother Peugeot also sells it as the Peugeot 107. All non-Citroen variants have slight styling differences but are otherwise the same basic car.

All three car makers build the C1 in a shared factory located in the Czech Republic. The car itself was a design from Donato Coco. He is an Italian car designer that was also responsible for the design of the C2, C3 Pluriel and C4.

Mr. Coco is also a designer for Lotus Cars and knows a thing or two about stylish car design. The style of the Citroen C1 is one of the key reasons for the model’s success in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Good availability

Another reason the Citroen C1 is so successful is because there are so many of them around! They are quite popular on the new and used car markets. Car dealerships, such as the Pentagon Group, sell them like hot cakes!

The Citroen C1 is a great, comfortable car for driving in city locations as well as out in the suburbs. It might not be the world’s fastest car, but that’s not why people love this car so much.

Apart from being stylish and easy to buy, the Citroen C1 is also quite practical. Passengers can travel in comfort, and the car is also a great vehicle to transport cargo with ease.

Do you own a Citroen C1? Why not post a comment and describe your experiences with your pride and joy!

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