The Importance of Wireless Security Solutions in 2014

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Jul 1, 2014 | 2202 views

In an increasingly volatile world, it is always important to step up security when needed. The great thing is that with constantly evolving technology comes a greater range of security options available to us mere mortals. Upping security is imperative to making sure that you are fully protected against a wide range of crimes that can take place in these dangerous times.

 Wireless Security Solutions


Should a crime occur within your vicinity, then typically an intruder will sound an alarm. These alarms are now hooked up via wireless equipment that render them practically unnoticeable to the potential rogue. There are many benefits to installing wireless security systems within your commercial setting.


The wireless system detects movement that is then signalled to an operating or monitoring station. This means that the criminal is detected almost instantly to ensure that your security is maximised. As this is done in a timely manner, more often than not, the criminal is caught in the midst of their heist, meaning that you can push for the highest penalties possible.


Security options are constantly changing, but the benefits to having wireless security are limitless:


  • You have an increased level of undetectable security

  • Wireless devices are programmed to continue running even in the face of a power cut. Whereas the old wired systems would fail in the midst of a power cut, you can be rest assured that your commercial property is protected, and secure, with innovative wireless technology

  • Wireless solutions are portable, meaning that if you move your commercial enterprises location, the wireless system can easily be transported with you

  • Due to the wireless nature of the system, you can ensure that you are securing the parts of your commercial location that are likely to be most prone to criminal activity. With this in mind, you can achieve true flexibility by using a wireless security solution

  • For those that are less than technologically able, wireless security solutions are quick and easy to install. This means that you can achieve total security almost instantaneously

  • If you have something of a smaller budget, but you are still security conscious, then you will wireless security solutions somewhat less costly than manned guarding. You still have the right to protect what is yours, irrespective of your budget. Wireless solutions provide the perfect solution for your commercial entity. Check out for more information.

  • CCTV images can be transmitted to your in-house computer systems. For those that are tech savvy, this provides the perfect opportunity to ensure that they are using their companies in house technology to its maximum potential

  • Wireless solutions are less vulnerable to malicious damage as there are no wires to cut and they are seemingly undetectable to criminals


Upping security is critical for all, and the advances of technology have made security much more robust than what it was a decade ago. The wonderful thing about technology, and the security that encompasses, is that it can constantly evolve to make our lives better and more secure. In 2014, we should all be harnessing the power of security so that we lead happier worry-free lives.

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