The 6 Best Motorbikes of 2014

by BeemTech | Friday, Oct 31, 2014 | 1971 views

2014 has seen some amazing additions to the motorbike catalogue. We’ve seen the brand new Ducati sportsbike, a vicious new Kawasaki and an affordable Harley Davidson. Whether you’re after an adventure bike, a super bike or just an everyday ride, 2014 has got you covered. Motorbikes are just getting better and better. This year, you have the pick of the bunch.

We’re slowly seeing more versatile bikes come on to the market. The everyday bike that looks like a sports ride. The off-road adventure bike that you can drive to work. The expensive cruisers, now at an affordable cost. In 2014, bikes are no longer suited to one activity. Here’s our pick of the best new bikes this year.


Harley Davidson Sportster Superlow

We could hardly leave off the newest Harley, could we? This is perhaps the most affordable Harley Davidson ever created. For those that will accept no less than the revered name on their bike, now is the time to buy. It is the entry level Harley, but it comes with all the respect and care of its big brothers. If you can’t wait for the return of the Road Glider in 2015, you’ll want to take the Superlow for a test drive.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000

The iconic Japanese Kawasaki look has been perfectly encapsulated in the new Ninja. However, this isn’t just about the looks. The technology featured on this bike is incredible for the price. Complete with traction control and ABS, this bike arrives fully stocked. This looks like your favourite Kawasaki sports bike but rides like the perfect everyday bike. It has it all.

Indian Chief Classic

Indian was the very first motorcycle brand in America. So if you love that classic cruiser style and the legacy of Indian imprinted on your fuel tank, this is for you. The design is stunning and the ride is wonderful. The bike is at the higher end of the budget for 2014 bikes, but it is worth every penny.

Star Bolt

If you can’t quite afford the Harley Davidson you love so much, the Star Bolt is a great alternative. The Japanese company have emulated the iconic Harley design with precision. It looks like a true cruiser. It’ll actually run faster than a Harley Davidson too. For some, it’s just not the same as the real version. However, if you’re not so fussed about the name and want a great looking bike, it’s a good option.

Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

This year’s best adventure bike. Unlike many adventure bikes, it’s great for everyday riding too. You won’t have to shell out for two separate vehicles. As you’d expect, the ride is smooth and comfortable. This is especially true with long rides and treks. It will keep you going for days in comfort. It’s reliable too so you’ll spend less time at a Tampa motorcycle repair shop.

Yamaha FZ-09

The new Yamaha looks like the future and goes like a bullet. For those who want the most modern design and fastest technology, you’ve found your new bike.

Whatever you want from your new ride, 2014 has already provided in abundance. We’ve seen amazing new futuristic designs and a return to the classic cruisers. We’ve seen the  best technology and the moulding of versatile functions. The only trouble is deciding which one you want.

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