Suzuki UK: Customers Invited To Leave Honest Feedback Of Dealer Aftercare

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014 | 1956 views

If you look at the websites of most car dealers, you will see an awful lot of self-promotion going on. But if you have never bought from those dealerships before, how can you tell whether they are any good or not?

Buying a car is one of the biggest buying decisions a person will make in their lifetimes. Cars can cost anything from several hundred to several thousand! The last thing you want to do is buy a car that ends up being a lemon. Or buying from a dealer that provides poor aftercare and service.


“Best customer satisfaction”

After a motorist buys a car, they expect to have a support network they can rely on after the transaction. The relationship doesn’t end after the customer hands over their hard-earned cash for a shiny new car.

And this is something Suzuki is keen to stress. Japanese car maker Suzuki recently announced its UK dealers are making aftercare feedback transparent. After an interesting conversation with RRG Suzuki, it seems Suzuki want customers to have total peace of mind.

Motorists want to know that they can go back to the same dealership for servicing, maintenance and repairs to their cars. It’s no secret that some car buyers are nervous about getting their car serviced from the same place they bought it.

Suzuki have stated that consumers often turn to the World Wide Web to learn about how good, or bad, a car dealership is. That is especially true when it comes to aftercare.

Almost 98% of customers are happy with the service they receive from Suzuki dealers, according to Motor Codes. Suzuki welcomes the news, as they always strive to offer the best customer service through its dealer network.

Suzuki’s aftersales director in the UK is Denis Houston. He said that the views of [their] customers are “key” to the buying process.

Mr. Houston said Suzuki is proud of their record for offering the “best customer satisfaction.”

Who are Motor Codes?

Motor Codes are an independent website. Consumers can leave unbiased reviews about the places they pay to maintain their cars.

According to Motor Codes, over 650 people a month leave reviews of Suzuki dealer’s aftercare. The website is well-respected among Britain’s motoring fraternity.

Holly McAllister is from Motor Codes. She added that all Suzuki dealers subscribe to their “Service and Repair Code.” It is a code approved by Trading Standards.

A lot of car owners find it difficult to have their cars serviced by dealers they can trust. Suzuki hopes that Motor Codes will help to spread the word about the car maker’s high-quality aftercare.

What aftercare can Suzuki dealers offer?

Suzuki dealers are aiming to make their locations a “one-stop shop” for consumers. Typical dealer facilities include servicing, maintenance and repairs. Many also offer MOT testing facilities, which is useful for Suzuki cars that are more than three years old.

What are your thoughts on your local Suzuki dealer’s aftercare? Do post up in the comments section below. Or, even better, head to the Motor Codes website and submit a review!

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