Simple Ways To Repair Your Ride On A Budget

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 | 2044 views

A car breaking down is not a new experience. I bet every driver who reads this has been through the experience at least once before. If you are unlucky, your car could have broken down multiple times, which is a nightmare. Apart from the hassle of having to use alternative transport, the costs can be huge. Depending on what is wrong, you might have to fork out over a grand just to get it back on the road. Obviously, that is not a viable option for everyone. Luckily, there are a couple of other options.

Boss 302 engineFirstly, maintain your car properly in the first place and you won’t have as many issues. Yes, breaking down is a part of driving, but the extent of the damage is down to you. If you are a proactive car owner, you will take a lot of care of your car. That means changing the oil and cleaning under the hood once in a while. It is amazing how often a car falters because it has not been cleaned for months.

Once your car is in the shop, there is nothing you can do, and you just have to pay the price of labour. However, the price of labour depends on what mechanic you use because some are cheaper than others. Mechanics doesn’t have the best reputation, and you always have that feeling in the back of your head that they are ripping you off. So, when you do find one you can trust, stick with them and be loyal. A change could cost you a fortune, plus they might offer discounts because of your loyalty.


If you don’t trust your garage, you need to get a second opinion. Preferably, the second opinion should be from an independent source. That way, you know that their opinion is worth trusting because they get nothing from telling the truth. Before you spend money on repairs, make sure they are repairs that you need. Otherwise, that is a massive waste of money.

If you have some experience at fixing cars, you can always buy used car parts. Used car parts have a bad reputation because they can falter. So, as soon as you fix your car, it could be back on the scrap heap. However, Northwest Car Parts have a great reputation and sell quality used parts at affordable prices. It is important that you pick the right supplier because that is when you get the best deal. If you use cowboys for the job, you are going to get ripped off and end up back at square one.

One way to not get ripped off is to find out some average stats. For example, what is the average cost of repair for problem ‘X’? Or, how much would that part cost new? If the prices don’t add up, either because they are too high or too low, you know that there is something wrong. The prices are like a warning sign that is there is help you from making mistakes.

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