Should You Buy Your Car Snow Socks For Christmas?

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014 | 2740 views

For many people, Christmas represents a time of year where we can look forward to receiving presents from loved ones. I know that Christmas has a deep religious meaning for many people. But let’s face it; a lot of folks only celebrate the non-religious aspects of it.

Buy Your Car Snow Socks

As a car owner, you can count on your friends and family to buy you car-related presents for Christmas. But some car owners celebrate this happy time of year with their cars as well! In the northern hemisphere, December is a cold time of year.

Some countries get used to snow and ice covering the landscape around Christmas time. If you like treating your car at Christmas, should you buy it some snow socks? In fact, what exactly are snow socks, and are they a useful item for your car?

What are snow socks?

Snow socks are an alternative to tyre chains. They are cheaper to buy than tyre chains, and are useful for helping you get home if the weather gets quite bad.

Snow socks are a recent invention, and are an essential item for those that don’t want the hassle of using cumbersome tyre chains.

How do snow socks work?

You will doubtless be aware that tyre chains have metal parts. But snow socks have no metal parts at all. They get made with strong textiles, and the surface has a fibre coating arranged at right angles.

Snow sock manufacturers claim that these right-angled fibres help to increase grip on the road.

When you fit snow socks to your car, you must fit them only to the drive wheels. So if your car is front-wheel drive, you only fit them to the front wheels.

Snow socks work by creating a lot of friction between your wheels and the snow and ice they drive on. It is worth pointing out that you should remove them once you drive on normal tarmac, or gritted roads. Ordinary tarmac and grit can shred the snow socks.

How do you fit snow socks?

Fitting snow socks is a straightforward procedure. All you do is pull them over your tyres, exactly like how you would put socks on your feet!

The only thing you need to do is move your car forward or backward a little so that the snow socks cover your tyres. You fit one snow sock per tyre.

One of the biggest selling points about snow socks is that you don’t need to remove your wheels to fit them. Nor do you have to get a tyre fitter to put them on for you.

Are snow socks worth the money?

Jess from uses snow socks on her car to help her get to work and back during the cold British winters. In fact, snow socks get used by a lot of people around the world; such is their popularity.

They are cheaper to buy than tyre chains, easier to fit and take up less space in your car when you’re not using them. There are plenty of motorists that recommend using snow socks.

I hope this guide has given you some good insight into the world of snow socks. Thanks for reading!

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