Outdoor Entertainment: Outdoor TVs vs. Television Enclosures

by BeemTech | Monday, Sep 29, 2014 | 2041 views

Outdoor televisions tend to be more expensive than their counterparts. TV enclosures will be much cheaper, especially if you already have a television set that you want to install outside. Prices for protective TV enclosures start at around $500. Whereas specially designed outdoor televisions could set you back a minimum of $1,500. Some outdoor television sets can even cost as much as $7,000-8,000. For people with a limited budget, an enclosure is certainly a better choice. However, enclosures can also be more expensive, so shop around to check for the best deal.

Outdoor Entertainment

Heating and Cooling

One of the hurdles to overcome with an outdoor television set is preventing it from overheating or getting too cold. Sets designed for use outside already do this, but standard TV sets need the enclosure to do these jobs for them. The features of the set or enclosure need to control the heat around the television, because heat on a cold day could cause disastrous condensation. Many outdoor TV models have built-in heaters to maintain an optimum temperature. Outdoor enclosures, on the other hand, need to adjust the heat of your standard TV set with a system of fans or heaters. Have a look at this outdoor TV enclosure page for an example of how an enclosure is configured to protect the television.

Protection from Sun and Rain

After heating and cooling, the biggest worry with outdoor TV use is protecting them from the elements. Compared to the temperature problem, this is relatively easy to do. You just need to make sure that sealing your TV from moisture or sun damage doesn’t mean that too much heat is trapped in. Both outdoor sets and enclosures will keep moisture away and stop sun damage. But it’s best to use a dust cover for both of them to protect your television further.

Reducing Glare

Both outdoor televisions and television enclosures can have features that will try to reduce glare. But this is one problem that is better solved by the positioning of your television than by the technology. It’s best to place your television in a shaded area, which will also help to keep it away from the heat of the sun. You can display both enclosures and outdoor sets with standard television mounts. So you can place your set wherever you like.

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