Lexus Reveal New Convertible Concept

by BeemTech | Monday, Nov 17, 2014 | 2069 views

Lexus have always been associated with incredible cars and new feats of technology. But, now, they are set to release their latest concept. They are unveiling their latest convertible to the fleet. The LF-C2 is going to be debuted at the LA Auto Show next week.


If you are something of a fan of Lexus, you are sure to love their new convertible. Some have deemed it as a spin on their original RC coupe, but the LF-C2 is much more than that. It’s a Lexus for a new generation.

There has been a lot of hype on social media surrounding the car. Lexus have invested in a 72 hour social media marathon in the build up to the show next week. If you have missed the highlights, you can head to the Lexus website to check out more views and images of the car.

To date, they have only released one image. It’s obscured, purposely, but you can see the bold shape and innovative design clearly. It seems that the hype around the Lexus is not set to fade just yet.

Engine Specifications

When it comes to the new Lexus, the first thing on everyone’s mind will be ‘what can it do?’  Well, prepare to be amazed. The new Lexus has a fantastic 2.5 litre engine. This is a V6 petrol edition. For those who like a little more speed, there is also an option for a 5.0 litre V8. Wow.

But, of course, not everyone wants to tear up the roads. For those who care a little more about the environment there will be a petrol-electric hybrid available. This is sure to revolutionise the car industry.

Predictions and Estimates

Of course, Lexus are being decidedly quiet about what the car can do. But, do prepare to expect a hybrid sports car. The new model is akin to the older coupe, but with some difference. With their selection of vehicles, it’s not hard to imagine how the LF-C2 will look. The car is meant to be more competitively priced in comparison to BMW and Audi. This is a strategic ploy. With the new chairman taking over, they want to ensure that Lexus is seen a brand be reckoned with. But, they also want to ensure affordability.

The new model, in terms of spec, is expected to rival the BMW i8, which is a sure sign of things to come. But, it’s also meant to contain a relatively small engine in comparison. But, this doesn’t hamper its power by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, the LF-C2 is equipped with all of the latest tech. It is sure to have a set of electric motors to ensure its speed and efficiency.

It’s said that the LF-C2 is going to have in the region of 400BHP. This is only an estimate, but judging on engine size, this does seem likely. What’s more, the car should nail the roads with an impressive 4.5 seconds to achieve 0-60.

While all these are predictions, you will have to wait until next week to find out more. The LA Auto Show is going to be a hive of excitement.

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