INKAS® Bulletproof Glass is Impenetrable

by BeemTech | Monday, Oct 20, 2014 | 3903 views

INKAS® bulletproof cars have excellent ballistic capabilities and glass windshields that resist spalling and delamination. The bullet-proof glass we use is clear and has high quality optical characteristics. If the client wishes, the glass can be tinted to provide more privacy and full comfort. In vehicles with tinted glass, the passengers of the car are not apparent to outsiders, while the view from the inside remains perfectly clear.

Bulletproof Glass

INKAS® bulletproof cars provide protection against blows from surprise attacks. The bulletproof glass resists pounding blows from objects such as stones, sticks or any object that can be thrown at a car with the intention of causing harm. Before it is installed, INKAS® bulletproof glass will undergo extensive performance and impact tests.

Advantages of bulletproof armored glass:

  • Can withstand penetration from repetitive and forceful blows.
  • Has high adherence and resistance in comparison to any glass system.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Filters UV rays.
  • Lightweight.

INKAS® Toronto-based armored vehicle specialists develop custom armor solutions and services for regular and luxury vehicles. We can install individual ballistic-resistant glass and frame systems for specific designs, regardless of curvature, size or required protection level.


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