Does It Make Sense To Buy A Used Volkswagen Golf?

by BeemTech | Friday, Jun 13, 2014 | 2049 views

The Volkswagen Golf is a popular small family vehicle that is sold in many parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom and Europe, North America and Australia. Sold in 3-door and 5-door hatchback, saloon and estate formats, it is arguably one of the most-versatile car models you could ever buy!

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen’s flagship car has been in production since 1974 and is currently in its seventh generation.

If you are thinking of buying a used car, and you want to buy something that is both practical and stylish, the Volkswagen Golf is the car for you. Here are some reasons why it makes sense to buy a used Golf.

Used models are easier to obtain than new ones

Because of the popularity of the Volkswagen Golf, it can sometimes be difficult to get your hands on one if you are buying a brand new model. But because used models don’t obviously need to be built, you can get behind the wheel of your future pride and joy sooner than you think!

When you buy a brand new car, you have to “order” it. Unless there is one available that has been already built to your specifications, it has to be assembled before being shipped over to your home country.

Even if the Golf you want has to be “new,” you can always buy a pre-registered dealer model which is ready to drive away and only has a few miles on the odometer!

There’s plenty of choice

According to Derek from, the Volkswagen Golf is popular because there is such a vast choice on the used car market. As was mentioned earlier, the Golf is offered in a number of styles such as a hatchback, saloon and estate.

Aside from that, consumers can choose from a range of different trim levels and body colours, and with seven generations of Golf to choose from, you will doubtless find the car of your dreams from virtually millions of examples on offer!

Used models are a better buy

Popularity has its downsides, and in the case of the Volkswagen Golf, that downside is depreciation. Whenever you buy a brand new car, regardless of the make or model, you can guarantee that it will lose a significant amount of its value within the first 12 months of its life.

Although the Golf doesn’t depreciate as badly as some car models out there, you will often find that the base model Golf depreciates more than the mid-range or top of the range variants.

Cars should never be seen as investments for that reason. But even if you want a “new” Golf, you are better off buying one that is a few months old and has been sitting in dealer stock for the duration.

In such situations, you are effectively having the best of both worlds; a new car, and saving a significant amount of cash on its purchase. If you do want a newish Golf, check with your local Golf dealers for the stock they have.

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