CCTV and Technology: Securing Your Property Via Your Smartphone

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014 | 3980 views

Technology has enabled people to become more secure in their homes. More and more people are becoming security conscious. The onset of the digital ages means that security measures are more robust than ever before. For the most prudent of people, having water-tight security within their home is more important than ever. After all, we all have a mass of accumulated goods. We don’t want rogues getting their hands on our belongings. Upping security has become part and parcel of everyday domestic life.

CCTV camera

The Advancement of Security and Technology

In the good old days, security systems used to link to televisions and VHS recorders. The humble video was used to record instances in people’s homes. But, the advancement of technology means that you don’t have to use a VHS player anymore. VHS was susceptible to all sorts of issues. Running out of space on a cassette was an enormous problem.

The advancement of technology now means that more people can use their smart devices for useful purposes.  Installing CCTV in the domestic setting is popular. But, keeping tabs of security is even easier.

Due to wireless systems, more people can now access their security via a tablet, Smartphone and other devices. This is great news for the technologically savvy. It is perfect for those who want to combine watertight security measures with their technology.

Monitoring Safety

Monitoring safety is now easier than ever, when using technology in conjunction with security. Apps have become more prevalent than ever. You can monitor the security of your home by downloading an app that is linked to the CCTV within your home. This is an easy, yet savvy way to ensure that your property is safe. The great thing is, is that this can be accessed on iOS and Android. You don’t have to pick a side to remain safe in your home.

The Use of Infrared

Infrared technology has always been associated with James Bond and spies. But, using this kind of robust technology in your home has become easier. The advancement of technology means that it is now affordable. But, it also means that it is more prevalent within the homes of ordinary people that want to up security. According to CCTV in Bristol, there has been a significant rise in people using this type of technology. Wireless cameras utilising infrared technology are more accessible than ever. The videos that are recorded are seamlessly transmitted to smart devices. The use of infrared tech means that this technology can be used at night time too.

Meaningful Technology

With so many tools and apps available to consumers, it can be difficult to know what is useful and what is not. CCTV that hooks up to wireless and smart devices is important. What’s more, it is meaningful. People need robust and significant technology in their domestic lives. Protecting what is yours is vital. After all, no one should profiteer at the expense of your hard work.

Security matters should not be an issue in 2014. Couple technological innovation with security measures and you have a recipe for success.

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