Buying A Used Car? Make Sure It Has This Must-Have Technology!

by BeemTech | Friday, Oct 31, 2014 | 3782 views

I’ve owned plenty of different cars over the past couple of decades that I’ve been able to drive. One thing I’ve noticed is that all sorts of new technology becomes standard as time goes on.

Technology is a good thing, especially when you drive a car. On the road, it helps us to be better and safer drivers. It also helps to entertain our passengers when we take them on long road trips.


Are you considering a used car soon? If so, one thing you should do is buy a car that features some of the latest technology around. Of course, you will need to stick within your price budget.

Still, it’s possible to buy a used car within any budget that features some useful technology to help you when you’re driving. In today’s blog post, I will share with you a checklist of stuff you need to make sure your next car has!

Electronic Stability Control

Do you live in a barren desert where it never rains? If not, you should buy a car that has electronic stability control or “ESC” as standard. In a nutshell, electronic stability control helps you control your car during bad weather.

For example, if there is heavy rain during your journey, the chances of skidding or losing traction on wet roads increase a lot. With electronic stability control, your car will ensure that you can still control it. Now you won’t start skidding or “fishtailing” everywhere!

Satellite Navigation

These days there are few people around that rely on paper maps to get them from A to B.

The majority of motorists on today’s roads use satellite navigation devices. These handy gadgets use GPS systems to locate your current position and direct you to your destination.

You can buy these gadgets from auto accessory stores. But most modern cars feature built-in satellite navigation. Some folks think such built-in technology is only found in high-end cars. But you might be surprised to learn that most mid-range cars have it too!

Infotainment Systems

A few weeks ago I was on the lookout for a used car myself as my previous one got scrapped. When I was checking out some used auto lots in St. Louis, I saw that most of the cars on display had built-in “infotainment” systems.

Cars only had basic stereo systems that let you play CDs (or tapes, depending on the age of the car). Today’s modern cars now have infotainment systems. They still let you listen to the radio or play CDs.

But they can also do other clever stuff like manage various aspects of your car’s functions. In fact, you would find it hard not to find a car that had an infotainment system in it these days!

Rain-Sensing Wipers

With older cars, you had to adjust your windshield wiper speeds manually. But many of today’s cars now have rain-sensing wipers as standard.

As you might have deduced, they come on automatically when it starts raining. They also adjust the wiping speeds according to the type of rain you’re driving through.

Good luck with your used car search!

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