BMW i8: The Hybrid Giant

by BeemTech | Friday, Aug 15, 2014 | 1889 views

The car giant BMW is proving to excel itself again. The new i8, despite its £95,000 price tag, has sold out within the UK. The i8 has seen something of the innovative design. The car itself is a hybrid. This results in a great looking car that has all the features that you would expect from a technology based vehicle. The BMW i8 is now subject to a ten month waiting list. Should you have a spare £95,000, you will be happy to know that yours can be sought within less than one year. For many this is a disheartening thought.

BMW i8

Let’s delve deeper into the BMW i8 and see why its popularity, despite its seemingly hefty price tag, is so popular.

Only two weeks into delivery, the car is now subjected to a waiting list. One of the most-successful dealerships, in London’s Mayfair, has said that success of the car has astounded people. Even the display car has been negotiable with customers who are desperate to get their hands on this much sought after piece of kit.

BMW will be thrilled at this. The popularity of the i8 was the cause of concern during the manufacturing period with this car. This was mainly due to the price tag that is associated with the beast.

The Specifications

So, you may have to wait a matter of ten months to get your hands on one, but that doesn’t stop us from looking at the spec in more details. There is 1.5 litre turbocharged unit. This results in 231 BHP. Alongside the front-mounted electric motor, you can get a whopping 357 BHP out of the i8. The car can get from nought to 62mph in 4 seconds flat. This is largely to the carbon fibre nature of the car. Of course, as we all know, carbon fibre is the key to any car’s rapid speed.

If you are a Londoner, you will be ecstatic to know that the battery-only range is only 23 miles. This means that you will not face London’s congestion charges. The battery has cut CO2 figures to a mere 49g/km. Little wonder those in London are clambering over themselves to get their hands on this BMW giant. According to Sandles car supermarket, congestion charges are the biggest factor when buying a new car.

Should you want more bang for your buck, you can purchase an additional £12,000 Pure Impulse Design Package. This gives the most-avid petrolhead a wide variety of tech options. Tech is fast-becoming the king when it comes to new cars. It seems that technology is now becoming a real part of the automotive trade. Could this be the secret to the i8s success?

BMW have once again excelled themselves. The i8 is a brilliant car with all the tech mod cons that one would expect. The additional, optional extras are anything but if you want to make the most of this mean machine. Little wonder the car is flying off the shelves and into the garages of the London elite.

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