Best PC Games for New Gamers

by BeemTech | Monday, Aug 4, 2014 | 3067 views

Any newcomers to gaming might assume that the best way to play video games is on a console. This generation has grown up with Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s XBox and the Nintendo Wii. These consoles are all huge brands by world-famous companies. That doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for gamers.

Best PC Games for New Gamers

Nowadays, more people than ever are gaming using their computers. It’s easy to customise a PC, which means you can design your machine around gaming. You can alter and improve your computer according to the specifications that you need. What’s more, PC games are often a more immersive and exciting experience for gamers. If you’re new to PC gaming, don’t panic. Here are some of the best games available today on the PC platform.

Gone Home

If you want a great story from your PC game, then Gone Home is a game for you. It’s pretty short and quite unusual, so it suits players who are new to PC gaming. It’s all about exploring the setting – an empty family house – and learning about the people who lived there. You won’t find games like this on other platforms. It’s quirky and experimental. It doesn’t challenge the skills that other games do. Gone Home won the 2013 Game of the Year award from Polygon – it’s a popular and well-regarded piece of work.


You might already know about Minecraft – it’s a big thing right now. Minecraft is an involving experience on many levels. All you have to do is build – that’s it. You can do whatever you like. It uses charming retro graphics to create an old-school atmosphere. People who want to unleash their inner designer should get Minecraft. It’s the sort of game that you can lose days and weeks playing.

Portal 2

Part of me doesn’t want to write about Portal 2. That’s because I’ve heard too much about it already. My girlfriend adores it. It’s a brain-teaser game. Portal 2 is chock-full of puzzles and tests to challenge the player’s brain. It’s also a brilliant game for comedy. The voice talents are all at the top of their game, using humour in a way that many games can’t.


We all know what games are about – shooting things! Winner of many awards, Titanfall is the ultimate first-person shooter game. Some first-person shooters can be daunting to new players – not Titanfall. This game is an immersive one, easy for everyone but challenging to skilled players. Charging around as a giant robot is always fun. You’ll be playing Titanfall again and again.

Gaming laptops and PCs are the best way to play these days. As we’ve shown, the titles available on the PC platform are some of the best around. They fit all skill levels and all types of gamer. We can’t recommend PC gaming enough. Take the plunge. You’ll soon be roaming around all types of new worlds. Don’t just stick to the games we’ve shown you here. Part of the fun of gaming is discovering new titles for yourself. Keep your eyes open – you never know what you might find.

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