Apple and Computing – Your Guide To Their Offerings

by BeemTech | Thursday, Aug 28, 2014 | 2444 views

If you’re new to tech, chances are you feel a little overwhelmed by all the detail. That’s understandable – it can be a tricky business to comprehend. Of course, certain words and phrases will be familiar to you. You’ll know some company names already, and have a vague idea of what they do. The brand that everyone knows is Apple, the tech giants that dominate modern computing.

It’s fair to say that Apple is one of the world’s most recognisable brands. It’s also one of the most successful, profitable and innovative companies worldwide. You’ll know the name, but do you know the products? The iPhone and the iPod are simple for anyone to understand. When it comes to their computing products, you may not know the difference one way or the other. Don’t panic. Here’s our simple guide for newcomers to the Apple computing range.

Apple’s tablet - the iPadApple’s tablet – the iPad

If you’re looking for a tablet, Apple has a great offering for you. The iPad is often considered the best tablet on the market today. It’s lightweight, durable and stylish as well. The apps that are available are better than any offered by Apple’s rivals. The free ones that come with the software are of excellent quality. That means it’s not necessary to spend a fortune in the App Store. The iPad is perfect for on-the-go computing. It’s an effective machine, operating at high speeds and with great power. Price is high, but there are ways of getting around that obstacle. Portable Universe has a wide range of offers on iPads if you’re interested. The iPad is streets ahead of any other modern tablet.

Apple’s notebook – the MacBook

If you want top of the line computing from a notebook, the MacBook is the machine for you. For battery life, it’s the best machine on the market. It also has amazing speed, which means you won’t be waiting around while you’re using it. You might think the iPad and a MacBook are similar machines, but that’s not the case. An iPad can never be the equal of a laptop. A MacBook offers features that tablets can’t. These include watching DVDs, extra USB connectivity and even basic word processing. The MacBook is a better machine for “work,” if that’s what you want to use it to do. We’d recommend it, hands down.

Apple’s desktop machine – the Mac

Desktop computers are often an expensive alternative to their portable rivals. The Mac is no exception to this rule. That doesn’t mean you should rule it out. To be frank, the Mac does everything. It’s a machine that has an extraordinary set of capabilities. It’s miles ahead of ordinary PCs. Sure, you can customise PCs to make them better. If you’re new to computing, that can be an expensive hassle, full of potential pitfalls. What’s the point? Mac customers are often more satisfied with their machines than PC users. They’re worth the extra money – pick a Mac.

We think Apple products are the best on the market right now. Whatever your needs, there’s bound to be one that suits you down to the ground. The product range is diverse and offers some of the best machines that money can buy. Don’t take our word for it – get out there and take a look for yourself.

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