An Advanced Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Protects Your Security And Investments

by BeemTech | Monday, May 25, 2015 | 2104 views

Many business — especially those in the industrial automation, data collection, and telecommunication fields — require constant uptime of their machinery in order to successfully conduct business and keep people safe from harm. Unfortunately, power fluctuations—occasional drops, spikes, or distortions, and those massive city-wide power outs that occur in extreme weather conditions — can sometimes cause even the most sophisticated machines to fail, losing valuable production time while they’re down, losing sensitive information and security controls, or even endangering workers who rely on backup safety systems. Thankfully there is a solution that business owners and managers can implement in order to help prevent against such incidents. And even better news is, the cost of set-up and maintenance for such solutions is more reasonable than ever.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is designed to reliably keep steady power running to machinery and office equipment, avoiding the range of problems presented by power fluctuations. UPS battery backup systems provide emergency power almost instantaneously when a dip, spike, or distortion in power is detected.

For office environments, smaller power supplies are readily available and relatively inexpensive. When scaling up to the factory, plant or data collection levels (and other applications that need constant runtime), larger, more complex Uninterruptable Power Supplies may be necessary. Many of the more advanced UPS battery backup systems offer features like an automatic bypass, redirecting extreme power overloads away from the internal inverter and ensuring the protected machinery does not suffer damage due to the extreme spike.

Uninterrupted Power SupplyAdditionally, advanced UPS systems will also counteract voltage drops by supplying power from on-board batteries. From time to time, these batteries will need to be replaced, but higher-end UPS models will offer “hot swappable” battery capabilities, allowing users to remove and replace batteries while the unit is still active, further eliminating any potential for downtime. Not only are the batteries on better units hot swappable, but many of the internal components are as well, so if malfunctions occur in the unit, the offending components can be replaced by a technician without cutting off service.

In environments like those discussed above, machinery is often running around the clock, even when employees are not onsite. While this used to mean that power failures were only discovered the next morning, modern power supplies from excellent providers can be equipped with web-enabled diagnostic systems. These systems can be logged into at any time (and from anywhere), so technicians or plant managers can make sure their equipment and UPS systems are running smoothly and without error from remote locations. It’s these kinds of innovations that truly distinguish the better UPS manufacturers and sellers from the rest. To find the latest and greatest in backup technologies, head to Toshiba has a wide range of small, medium, and heavy-duty UPS systems with a range of bypass, battery, and digital options. Importantly, Toshiba also provides excellent warranties and customer service for their products, meaning you’ll hold on to your important purchase for longer and with more support.

When constant runtime is necessary for success and safety, Uninterruptable Power Supply systems become an essential addition to your security systems. In today’s wired world of connectivity, you need to protect your investments from data theft, infiltration, and other threats. Don’t let your systems go down even for a moment — invest in a backup battery system from a competent provider, and stay in power and online.

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