Alfa Romeo Isn’t For Sale, Says Fiat CEO

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The Italian car maker Alfa Romeo has been producing some eye-catching cars since 1910. Models such as the Giulietta, 156 and Spider have all captured the hearts of many a motorist.

Alfa Romeo GT 07

In Italy, the government there have been using Alfa Romeo cars as official government vehicles. The car brand has enjoyed a lot of success over the years, but those days have long gone.

It is a well-known fact that sales of new Alfa Romeo cars have plummeted. The problem was further highlighted during the global economic crisis of the last decade. During that time, some big-name car manufacturers have big financial troubles.

Alfa Romeo has been part of the Fiat group of automotive companies since the 1980s. There have been rumours that Fiat want to sell off Alfa Romeo as it attempts to improve group profitability.

Until recently, Fiat has not made any comment on the rumours. But recently, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has gone on record and stated that he has no plans to ditch the iconic Italian marque.

“We are not in the business of brand-trading”

Mr. Marchionne spoke to industry analysts in a conference call recently. He was discussing Fiat’s second quarter earnings figures.

During the conference call, Mr. Marchionne said that Fiat are “not in the business of brand-trading.”

He is keen to set up alliances with other car makers if it meant that operating costs could become lower.

Fiat are planning to pump eight billion Euros into the Alfa Romeo brand, in a bid to turn its fortunes around. With poor sales figures, the Fiat CEO is desperate to make Alfa Romeo a premium, sought-after brand.

Expansion plans

There are many plans underway to rescue the ailing Italian car marque. At the moment, Alfa Romeo has just two current models in its portfolio – the MiTo, and the Giulietta.

Here is a brief outline of what Fiat want to do:

  • New models. According to Tim from the Thames Motor Group, Fiat has plans to introduce eight new models to the Alfa Romeo lineup. For example, two new models will replace the Giulietta;

  • Shared resources. Maserati is another Italian brand owned by Fiat. Together with Alfa Romeo, they will be using a shared architecture that the Chrysler and Dodge brands can also use.

The plans that Fiat have unveiled are quite ambitious. But with an eight billion Euro investment, Fiat are putting their money where their mouth is!

The right time to buy Alfa Romeo cars?

If you fancy an Alfa Romeo, now is the best time to get a bargain! The used car market is awash with current and former models. And there is room for negotiation on brand new models too.

The Alfa Romeo brand won’t disappear. There will still be the familiar parts and service backup that Alfa Romeo customers come to expect.

Industry analysts and Alfa Romeo fans alike are confident the iconic Italian car maker will soon see a revival in its fortunes.

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