A Guide To WordPress Hosting

Choosing the best wordpress hosting service for your site is not always as easy as it should be, and if you are not sure where to start it can seem a pretty daunting and frustrating task. This article provides you wordpress requirements, how to evaluate your own hosting needs, and the different types of plans available.


What is WordPress Hosting?

At the very first, you need to know what is wordpress hosting?  It refers to the companies who sell their hosting storage space for your websites. Basically, there are four types of wordpress hosting. They all are providing different amounts of storage, speed, reliability, and technical knowledge requirement.

WordPress Hosting Requirements

It is the lightweight script compatible with almost all web hosting services. The best web hosting providers keeps their servers running the latest software and offers everything what you need for your website.

Ensure that your web host supports the latest wordpress server requirements:

  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • Support for HTTPS

How To Select The Best WordPress Hosting Service

Consider the following factors when choosing the WordPress Hosting:

  • Speed – One of the most important ranking factor affecting your website traffic is the speed. Your website must be 2 second or less, people not wait for loading your pages. So choose a good hosting provider that speed up your website.
  • Security – Look for network firewall, the will protect your website from hackers. It is also a most important point, if you do not want to lose your work hard, time and money.
  • Support – You must ask about that how quickly can you get support? If by chance you stuck in some issue.
  • Reliability – If you host cannot live up to their guarantee, if they screw up and their server crashes, can you get a refund?
  • Account access – Being able to access the admin side of your hosting account in crucial. You should control email accounts, domains, files, and databases.
  • Price – Ensure that you hosting provider services fall within your budget. You have to need to spend potentially significant money on hosting.


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