A Guide To The Must Have Technology For Your Car

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014 | 2258 views

No matter what model car you have you, you can make your car a luxury vehicle. With a little help from some in-car gadgets, you can make running your car and also make driving your car more enjoyable. These gadgets are must-haves for anyone who loves to drive. If you are a serious driver and want to get the most out of your vehicle, investing in these gadgets will make your life easier. Here is a round-up of the best must have gadgets that every driver should invest in today.

Technology For Your CarIn-Car MiFi

When you are on a long journey, you need to find a way to keep your passengers entertained. There are not enough DVDs and CDs in the world to keep children entertained on a journey across the country. MiFi is a personal WiFi hotspot, which you can take with you wherever you go. The hotspot means that the children can use WiFi during the journey to play games online or even do some vital school research. This gadget also works well for business people, who need to stay connected to the internet no matter where they travel. By installing MiFi in your car, you have the best internet browsing options available to you. The only drawback of this gadget is that when you use all the data, it’s gone. You will need to pay more money for more data, and this is more expensive than your average WiFi bill. Set a data limit so that the MiFi cuts out after a certain amount.

iO Play2

Music lovers will adore the iO Play2 gadget. This in-car system allows drivers to stream music in their car. Some modern cars are already fitted with Bluetooth and so will not need the system at all. But if you have an older model, this system allows you to connect your phone or iPod to the car radio without any wires. You can then play your favourite music wherever you are in the world.

USB Double In-Car Charger

In the modern world, we all need energy all the time. If you are driving and your phone starts to die or your iPod is running out of battery then you need some help. If both these things happen at the same time, then, luckily, there is a gadget to help you out. The double USB car charger allows you to charge two of your gadgets at the same time whilst in the car. Before this miraculous gadget, people had to choose just one thing to plug in at a time. Now people can charge two gadgets through their cigarette lighter, whilst they are driving. Don’t use this gadget too often though, as you may end up draining your car’s battery.

The In-Car Vacuum Cleaner

This gadget may sound a little dull, but investing in a quality car vacuum cleaning will make a world of difference to your car. You want your vehicle always to look as clean as the day when you drove it out of the Car Deal Warehouse, so regular vacuuming is a must. Investing in a powerful vacuum, such as the wide range at Halfords or Argos, will mean that you can keep your car carpets clean. Cars collect a lot of dirt and grime inside them, so it is important that you clean your car often.

Lavazza Espressgo

You know that feeling when you’re on the road, and all you need is a nice hot coffee? Not having access to fresh coffee, whilst driving is a problem that many drivers find difficult to solve. Never fear, there is a gadget to solve all your caffeine-related troubles. The Lavazza Espressgo plugs into your cigarette lighter and enables you to make fresh coffee when you’re in your car. This gadget is ideal for campers, but also for people who love coffee and go on regular long journeys.

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