A Geek’s Guide To Pimping Out Your Car’s Interior

by BeemTech | Thursday, Nov 20, 2014 | 3581 views

Sometimes when people buy cars they tend to get bored with their interiors. These same people often think of ways to customize how they look so that their interiors are unique to them.


Unless you buy a high-end car, most car interiors are usually designed with durability in mind rather than style. If you’re fed up with your boring, plastic interior, you’ve come to the right. Because today, I will give you some tips on how you can pimp up your interior – the geek’s way! Keep reading to find out more.

LED illumination

There are plenty of tiny bulbs that light up the controls inside of your car’s interior. From the dashboard to your doors, you will notice that these bulbs are OK but nothing to write home about.

Thanks to LED technology, it’s possible to replace these bulbs with brighter LEDs in different colors. Some folks might want LEDs to match the color of their car. Whereas others prefer to go for the “ice white” look!

Although you can pay an auto electrician to fit them for you, I recommend having a go yourself! It’s a fun way to learn more about electronics and your car in general. Plus you’ll know that the job will be a good one because you did it yourself!

DVD touchscreen head unit

Most head units (i.e. car stereos) in today’s modern cars play CDs and let you listen to the radio. But what if you want to build a proper entertainment system in your car? The first step towards doing that is by replacing the head unit.

There are plenty of models on the market that have touchscreen displays and DVD players built into them. Your front seat passenger can enjoy watching a film while you drive. Even you can too if you pull over for a rest after a long journey.

Headrest LCD screens

With the above addition to your car, you can also fit some LCD screens to the back of your headrests. Not only can your front passenger enjoy watching films but so can your rear passengers too!

On a personal note, I did this mod to my own car after checking out some examples from the carbase.biz website. It can take some time to adapt the headrest and sort out the wiring but the results are well worth it the effort.

iPad Mini built into dashboard

The ultimate geek mod for any car is to install some computer kit! Perhaps the easiest way of doing so is by fitting a tablet. My personal favorite is the iPad Mini because it’s so popular and easy to use.

There are plenty of guides online that show you how to set up a permanent charging system for it using your car’s 12v wiring. It’s a great device for satellite navigation, messaging, web browsing and more.

They are also more affordable to buy than the bigger iPad Air. Plus they fit better into most dashboards.

Good luck with your geeky car interior mods!

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