2015 Jaguar XE Revealed

by BeemTech | Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014 | 2212 views

While Jaguar has always had something of a bad rap from younger drivers, the new Jaguar XE is about to change all of that. The car was revealed in late September of this year. Few people were enthused about its big reveal. But, once the word had spread, there has been a lot of excitement pending about the new Jaguar XE for 2015.

the Jaguar

The best thing about the new Jag is that it is a great looking car. Aside from that, it has lots of new tech features that will appeal to all. The Jaguar XE was designed to take on the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4 next summer. For many, they will be torn over which car tops the polls for them.

In May 2015, you will be able to get your hands on this mean machine. Starting £27,000 for the entry level model, it’s not vastly overpriced. Of course, if you want to add all of the mod cons, it’s going to cost you a lot more.

Let’s take a look at the new Jaguar XE in more depth.

Overall Look

The new shaped Jaguar XE looks fantastic. It is a sleek car that is sporty to look at. It’s not overly showy, so it looks the part without being too flash. The saloon is a good looking overall. You wouldn’t be disappointed driving it.

The new XE has a stable design. It has grille that has rarely been seen on Jaguars previously. But, the XE does stick to the classic shape of previous Jaguars.

Engine Range

There are five engine choices with the new XE. The first choice, however, is a 161bhp 2.0 litre diesel engine. It has low levels of resistance, making for a comfortable and smooth ride. Due to the low friction levels of the 2.0 litre engine, the tax on the vehicle will be somewhat lower. The 99/km CO2 figure is great for those that want cheaper tax, but a great looking car. It is said that this is the model that many will opt for. Take a look at Jaguars in Preston for more information. What is more, it will be a mainstay in many of the cars engines. For those that want something sporty, but also something that is easy on the purse, the new XE can do 75MPG.

The previous problems in Jaguar cars have been ironed out with the new XE too. The car is less noisy and will be more powerful. Jags, in the past, have been prone to a lot of noises. But, this has been eradicated with the new car. Instead, you are met with a purring engine and a smoother ride all round.

Of course, there are more powerful versions on the market. There is a petrol 2.0 litre model, which will have the same levels of output as the diesel. This, however, may cost you more in terms of MPG when driving it.

For those that have a need for speed, a 3.0 litre V6 supercharged model will also be on the market. What is more, it can do 0-60MPH in 4.9 seconds.

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