Zero Motorcycles Has Beefed Up Its Entire 2017 Range With IPM Motor

Zero Motorcycles unveiled its 2017 lineup at the big Milan, Italy EICMA show on the evening. The California-based electric motorcycle company is moving forward with a new 5 year, unlimited mileage battery warranty, increased manufacturing capacity and an expanded dealer network. Every latest Zero sold in the United States also comes with a one-year membership in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), with one year of free roadside assistance. For its 2017 roster, Zero has done the same again, updating its Zero S, Zero DS, Zero DSR, Zero SR, Zero FX and Zero FXS models, giving some the ability to go 200 miles on a single charge.

2017 Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles

2017 Zero Motorcycles Features:

2017 model line featuring as much as 19 % more torque, and up to 11 % more power and the world’s first production electric motorcycle to exceed 200 miles on just a single charge. Advancements in the Zero’s proprietary Z-Force powertrain include interior permanent magnet motors (IPM) with the increased temperature thresholds and higher amperage motor controllers. Combined, they produce greater acceleration throughout the rev range, up to 116 ft-lb of instant torque on Zero SR and DSR models—more than any other gasoline-burning production 1,000cc sport bike.

To ensure that riders worry more about riding than keeping their bike serviced, Zero is debuting a new free mobile app that offers performance customization — including settings for max torque, top speed and regenerative braking. It lets owners update their motorcycle’s firmware, saving a trip to the dealer. Oh, and also each lithium-ion battery is backed by a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

2017 Zero Motorcycles Price:

2017 models arrive at authorized U.S. Zero Motorcycles dealers in November. Suggested retail prices range from $8,495 to $15,995. U.S. customer can take advantage of a 10-percent federal tax credit, and making the effective price range from $7,645 to $14,395. Some states offer additional incentives, such as the California’s $900 rebate.

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