Selling An Old Car? Fit These Gadgets First To Make It More Desirable

Do you have an old car to sell? If so, you’re perhaps aware of the need to clean it, photograph it and then write a good description of it. They are the main ingredients to a successful sale, but they aren’t the only ones!

If you want to get as much money as possible for it, you’ll need to make it more appealing to the masses. So, what’s the best way of doing that? When you sell an older vehicle, it’s likely it won’t have the same technology of today’s modern cars.

modern cars

One thing you could do is improve its technology. It turns out there are plenty of ways to upgrade your car’s gadgetry. Check out these brilliant examples of how you can bring your car into the 21st century:

Upgrade the car stereo system

You know your car is old when it’s sporting a cassette deck in your dashboard! Sure, some systems might have a CD changer attached to it. These days, people don’t use tapes and CDs are starting to fall out of favour as well.

You can upgrade the “head unit” to a CD player system that offers Bluetooth streaming. That means your potential buyer can listen to tunes from their smartphone without cables.

They are cheap to buy and easy to install on most vehicles. You can donate your old tape head unit to a museum if you wish (or just recycle it).

Fit an alarm system

Today’s cars come with insurance-approved alarm systems from the factory. But, did you know that many older vehicles only had alarms fitted as optional extras?

It doesn’t cost much to have an insurance-approved alarm installed in your car. Doing so will make your buyer more confident that thieves are less likely to break into the vehicle.

Change the interior bulbs for LEDs

The brilliant thing about LED lighting technology is that it’s cheap and easy to fit on any car. LEDs last longer than conventional bulbs, and they are brighter too.

They can give any car a new and modern lease of life. You can get LEDs in a variety of bulb fittings.

Install rear parking sensors

If you take a look at sites like AutoTrader, you’ll notice that most cars have rear parking sensors. They make life useful for motorists that hate parallel parking. And they lessen the risk of shunting other cars.

You can get DIY kits that are installable on any car, but I recommend getting one from your car maker. That’s because the sensors will work better with the existing technology in the car.

Install a reverse camera

Are you trying to sell a large estate car or an SUV, for example? If so, visibility out the back might not always be good. A reversing camera is simple and cheap to install, and you can hook it up to any TFT display.

If you’re buying a head unit for your car, choose a double-DIN one that has a touchscreen display. That’s because they usually have a port where you can connect a video feed, such as from a reversing camera.

By installing some of the above tech in your car, you’ll soon command a higher price for it when it goes on sale. Thanks for reading today’s article!

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