Revealed: The Smart Way To Preparing A Motorhome For Sale

by BeemTech | Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015 | 3282 views

So you’ve got a motorhome but you have decided that you need to sell it now. In many ways, selling a recreational vehicle isn’t that different to selling a car. The only trouble is; some people don’t know how to sell any type of vehicle!

Volkswagen Eurovan Rialta motorhome

Are you one of those people? If so, today’s handy guide is for you. Let’s face it; the last thing you want to do is sell your motorhome and not get the most amount of money you can for it. Keep reading and I will show you the smarter way to selling your RV.

Make sure that everything works

I can guarantee you that one of the ways you’ll lose money is by not making sure everything is working as it should! It pays to spend a bit of time checking that everything in and around your motorhome is functioning.

In particular, pay attention to the electrical and water systems in your motorhome. They are the things your buyer will use the most on their travels! Also, you need to ensure that it’s also roadworthy. I recommend getting a competent mechanic to give your motorhome a full service.

Doing so will flag up any potential issues that you can deal with before you put it up for sale. Are you an avid DIY home mechanic? If so, be sure to follow the service guide for your motorhome and buy the correct parts for it!

Give your motorhome a clean

Next, it’s important that you spend some time making your RV look like new! Due to its size, you may need to use a ladder or raised platform to clean the sides and roof.

I recommend using a pressure washer and a good quality car shampoo for that job. Make sure that you get rid of any dirt, grime and tar from the bodywork. And it goes without saying that the interior should look like new as well!

Sell at the right time

The one time you can guarantee people will buy motorhomes the most is in the spring/summer season! During the colder months of the year, few people will be brave enough to go on a road trip in their motorhomes.

One of the ways to increase your profit is by selling just before the spring/summer season. You could, of course, sell up at any time of the year, but you may not get the best price possible.

Find the right buyer

There are plenty of places where you could sell your motorhome. It’s crucial that you sell to the right buyer to make the most amount of money. For example, you might want to check out the website. You could also try selling on sites like Craigslist and eBay too.

You may also find that you’ll get plenty of interest selling on a classifieds site dedicated to RVs.

Sealing the deal

Once you’ve found a buyer, it’s now time to conclude the transaction. It’s important that you make sure the buyer is legitimate for obvious reasons. Make sure that they only buy your motorhome from your home.

You should also have one or two friends there with you to act as witnesses to the sale. They can also be on hand to help you in case an emergency situation arises.

Once you’ve checked and counted the money, make sure you give the buyer a receipt for their new RV.

Good luck!

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