How To Upgrade Your Car’s Stereo System

by BeemTech | Monday, Nov 2, 2015 | 2286 views

Whatever car you drive, you no doubt love nothing more than getting out onto the roads with your favourite music blaring. The quickest way to sap any joy out of this time, however, is finding your speakers aren’t quite up to scratch. Whether that’s because you’ve recently blown them out, or you were just saddled with a low-quality default sound system. The car owner is arguably the most proud in the world. Limitless hours and money will be spent in our lifetimes on upgrading our vehicles just how we want them. And in terms of luxury, there are fewer things more important than a good sound system. Here are just a few ideas to get you set up.

Auxiliary Jack

If you’re still driving an old model and have no intention of updating, that doesn’t mean your choice is between radio and cassette tapes. Listen to the music you want, when you want with an auxiliary jack. Maybe you do have a new car, and you’re just sick of having your glove box littered with CDs. With an auxiliary jack, you can listen to any device with a line-out function. That means your iPod or smartphone suddenly become the source of the music coming from your car speakers.

Boost Your Bass

It’s almost become somewhat of a self-parody; the guy that loves his cars loud loves his bass equally so. Bass boosters have almost become must-have car stereo upgrades. So, if you’re a drum n’ bass obsessive that needs his music to be at noise pollution levels, upgrade now if you haven’t already. Just try to be mindful of your neighbours when you’re pulling up in your driveway.

Buy A New Head Unit

The very least you can do to update the quality of sound in your car is to invest in a new head unit. Quite often, the ones that come with your car by default aren’t designed for optimal sound. If you’re a music junkie that likes every note to be crystal clear, this is almost non-negotiable. See these Top 10 Single DIN Head Units to find the best choice depending on your budget.

Upgrade The Subwoofer

Your default car speaker is most likely incredibly small. It will notoriously have trouble reproducing low-frequency sound. They’re so important that some people dedicate a considerable amount of time and money to filling their cars with subs. I guess they take their music pretty seriously. When it comes to choosing the right subwoofer for you, there are many, many variables. Depending on your car and preferences, you made need an external amplifier to accompany it. Have a look at this guide to choosing the right subwoofer for helpful advice.

I hope this guide helped. Whether you’re passionate about the quality of your music, or you just want to make the boring drives seem a little more interesting. Generally speaking, you’ll probably have to do some work on your car’s sound system at some point. Default setups are usually very basic, so unless you don’t listen to music at all, it’s wise to invest in at least one of the above.

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