How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

by BeemTech | Wednesday, May 29, 2019 | 2336 views

As the season winds down and you’re ready to put your motorcycle in storage, there are a few important steps to take. Preparing your motorcycle for storage, whether winter or simply a month or more where you won’t ride it, is an important step in preventative maintenance. For all your storage supplies, search online for auto parts coupons for great savings.

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

Preparing the Surface 

Rust, corrosion and oxidation are some of the most damaging effects of improper storage. Take the time to properly and thoroughly clean every surface of your motorcycle with a corrosion inhibitor, then consider a wax for a durable barrier.

Maintain Your Battery 

The battery on your motorcycle has fluids that may need to be topped up before storage. Even maintenance-free batteries can still use some protection. Consider purchasing a battery maintenance system or simply storing your battery in a conditioned space to protect it from extreme heat or cold while in storage.

Check Fluid Levels 

When fuel is left to settle, it can corrode your carburetor and injector. Fill up the fuel tank and treat your fuel to protect your system while in storage. This is also a great time to top up or replace your engine oil. Use this helpful STP filter finder to choose the right filter for your bike.

Protect Your Wheels 

If you’ve ever left a motorhome or trailer sitting in your yard for too long, you know how damaging it can be for tires to sit still for too long. While your motorcycle may not be in storage for years, you can still protect the tires from an air leak, rot or other damage by putting your bike on a stand while in storage.

Wrap it all up with a durable cover and you’re ready to store your bike. Whether your motorcycle will be spending the winter indoors or outdoors, you can be confident with these steps that you’ve performed all the necessary preventative maintenance. Shop online or check out your local auto parts store for all the storage and cleaning equipment you need.

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