Auto Repair in a Few Easy Steps

by BeemTech | Friday, May 22, 2015 | 1915 views

A car breaking down is not a new experience for most motorists. It’s an inevitability for most, and a frequent occurrence for others. There’s no shame in having your car die on you, it probably wasn’t your fault. Just like people, cars can succumb to old age. Unlike people however, cars can be brought back to life.

No, it’s not voodoo or necromancy, just pure engineering skill that does the trick. Parts can be replaced, fluids can be flushed and changed, but who’s going to do all this for you? Do you have the time? It’s unlikely that you do, even if you had the tools and skills to make it happen. I’ll walk you through the easy steps to get your car back in working order.


First of all, don’t be afraid of seeing an auto repair professional. They get a bad reputation because of a few cowboys I’ll admit, but most of them are courteous, helpful individuals who will give you a good deal. So what’s the first step to finding a local auto repair shop?

Years ago you’d have to go by word of mouth or spend forever looking through advertisements in the newspaper to find somebody suitable in your area, but with the internet you can find several in just a few keystrokes, and better still they’ll be on a number of ratings websites so you can decide which auto repair shops to visit based on their reputation.

This doesn’t mean it’ll be first time lucky with whichever auto repair shop you stumble into though, not at all. There still needs to be some legwork done trying to figure out who will offer you the best price. It’s always advised to see a few auto repair shops and try to get a quote on price. Then, you can use these quotes to try driving down prices from competing auto repair shops. Cars are expensive enough with fuel prices these days.

Whether they act like it or not, they all want your business, and if they’re all fairly close together geographically, they’re going to be fighting tooth and nail to survive as a business and push the competition out of the market. Use that against them for your benefit. Sure it’s a little shady, but that’s haggling.

When you’ve found an Auto-Repair shop you’re happy with, then you need to arrange to bring your car in. Some jobs, depending on the severity of the mechanical failure of the car, can take some time.

Before you book yourself in to get it fixed up, you need to be sure you won’t need a car for the day, or even days depending on the problem. Either make alternative travel arrangements if you have somewhere to go, or know your public transport routes to get you to where you need to go. If everything goes smoothly, you should have your car back on the same day you took it in.


So yeah, that’s an abridged version of the simple steps needed to get yourself through a round of auto repair. Don’t worry, it gets easier every time you do it, just don’t let them take you for a ride on price first time.

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