An Inside Guide: How the Ford Fusion Hybrid Works

by BeemTech | Friday, Feb 20, 2015 | 2430 views

Ford has been known the world over for providing simple, no-nonsense cars. They get you from A to B. They aren’t flashy. They have a purpose. Solid. Reliable. Built to last. Cheap to fix. Yup, you sure do get a lot for your money with Ford.

2013 Ford Fusion Energi SEL plug-in hybrid

So, when the Fusion was introduced way back in 2005, it was heralded as another stable, reliable car for the family market. Good looking, but not sporty. It certainly wasn’t a flashy motor.

But, the effects of these family wagons can have an impact on the world. Green initiatives are important for everyone. Car manufacturers, in particular, have felt the pinch. So, now they are pushing for cleaner ways to get around.

With that, the Ford Fusion Hybrid was conceived. But, how does it work?

How The Ford Fusion Looks

The Ford Fusion Hybrid looks look any other sedan. But, on the inside it looked a little cool. The hybrid customised system is a smart feature. In fact, the smartgauge technology and LCD screen make it feel almost futuristic. More importantly there is a fuel efficiency gauge in the car. This is coupled with an eco guide program that is designed to help drivers learn how to be more efficient on the road. After all, minimising carbon emissions is a must. And, as much as a clean hybrid car can help, the driver needs to learn new habits too.

So, the tech features are part of the big appeal for the Fusion Hybrid. The green leaf animation is illuminated when the driver is practising good fuel economy. It’s a bit like getting a gold star in school for good performance. The interior is also made from polyester fibres. It’s the ultimate green car.


Car gadgets and in built toys are fun. But, you need to know how the car performs. Especially when the car is a hybrid. The car is a mix of an electric motor and a gas engine. The nickel battery powers the motor and by doing so, reduces the fuel emissions of the car. Even though the car is a 2.5 litres four cylinder engines and kicks out 155BHP, it’s still fuel efficient. The Fusion Hybrid ensures that it’s not damaging the environment. Which, of course, is great news for those who are keen to be green? If you’re enamoured with the Ford Fusion Hybrid, there are a wealth of dealerships offering these. Just search for a Ford Dealer in Baltimore or your preferred location to find out more.

What Makes the Ford Fusion Hybrid Stand Out?

One of the redeeming features of the cars is that it is different to other hybrids on the market. The car can operate on an all electric mode for up to 47 MPH. That’s pretty impressive and considerable faster than its Toyota counterpart. What’s more, you can get roughly 700 miles from the car with a full gas tank. Now, that is impressive! So, you can have an impressive car that looks good and doesn’t cost a fortune for less than £27,000. That’s kind of cool!

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