Amazon Echo Auto Alexa Adapter provide Alexa voice commands in vehicles

In its now second annual hardware occasion, Amazon introduced Echo auto, an in-car accessory that permits you to integrate Alexa into your automobile.

There are a couple of ways customers can already get access to Alexa in the automobile — you can download an Alexa app, purchase add-ons or even a Moto Mod, or power cars with the software constructed in. However the Echo auto makes it a ways less difficult to integrate Alexa into any car, no matter whether or not your automaker included it or not.

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa Adapter Features

The Echo Auto is a small tool that sits on top of your dash that lets in you to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, then to Amazon’s cloud via your smartphone’s cellular sign to deliver huge amounts of capability on your car with its new real-time OS.

The Echo auto device packs 8 microphones into its small design to assist with the noise canceling this is so necessary inner a automobile. The tool is also place-conscious and may use region-based totally triggers for Alexa workouts. for example, Alexa can turn your own home’s smart lights on and unlock your smart door locks whilst you pull into your driveway.

It will also interface with Waze and Apple Maps to send directions to your phone. So, if you ask Alexa to find the nearest Starbucks, it will direct you to it and tell you how late it’s open. During the presentation, Dave Limp, head of Alexa for Amazon, placed a call with the device, which is a particularly exciting option for owners of vehicles without hands-free calling capability. It will also interface with Apple Maps and Waze.

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa Adapter Price

Echo Auto isn’t technically finished yet. It’ll normally sell for $50, but you can request an invitation to try the pre-release hardware for $25 later in 2018. This isn’t quite so essential when some cars have had voice control for years (such as Ford’s Sync-equipped models), but it could be a viable way to keep an older, less connected car feeling reasonably current. Just remember that this isn’t the only option — Anker’s Roav Viva, Garmin’s Speak series and other devices have offered Alexa for a while, albeit in a less official capacity.

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