4 Amazing Facts That You Did Not Know About Porsche

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The Porsche has always ranked on the top list of everyone’s must have cars. I know it is on mine. The Porsche is a sleek, curvaceous and drives like a dream. Little wonder people want to own one. Or a fleet. The powerful engine and the sheer look of the car make it a magnificent feat of engineering.

 Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual and fun facts about the Porsche.

 Amazing Facts About PorscheAmazing Facts About Porsche

Curious Beginnings

Mr Ferdinand Porsche set up the world famous Porsche Company in 1931. During this time, the company did not produce one car. This was mainly due to the tenuous political environment in Germany during this time. It took Porsche nearly ten years to manufacture its first car. However, during that decade the company still had roots in the automobile industry. It provided other car companies of the time with research and development ideas. They also offered a wide range of consultancy services too. How thoroughly modern.

Did you know that Ferdinand Porsche was the brainchild of the much loved VW Beetle? What is more, he contributed to the dominant design of World War II army tanks. Mr Porsche was quite the engineer.

Put Your Hands Up if You Want a 911

You wouldn’t be the only person in the world who wanted the Porsche 911. In fact, it is Porsche’s most-popular selling car. It has the longest design modelling of any car in the world. With over fifty years of different variations of the 911, you can get your hands on one of these amazing cars. This car was first manufactured in 1963 and has not left our dealerships yet. Of course, it has been upgraded to feature all the mod cons of new cars, but largely, the design has remained untouched. No longer does the car use air-cooled engines, but rather water cooled engines. This is a design that has stayed with Porsche since 1998. Inchcape Porsche has a wide range of 911’s at their disposal. Take a look and become part of history.

Peugeot Had First Dibs on the Name

Talking of the 911, did you know that Peugeot wrangled with lawyers to get the name changed of the Porsche 911? It was originally named the Porsche 901. However, Peugeot did not like to the numbering system of the car. As you are aware, Peugeots have a three numbered branding system with a zero in the middle of the name configuration. The result of this name change was the 911. The name change clearly didn’t affect the saleability of the car!

The Coat of Arms

The Porsche logo of the coat of arms is not entirely unique to them. In fact, their logo is somewhat rooted in German history. The Coat of Arms of Stuttgart is the inspiration for the Porsche logo. The horse pays homage to Stuttgart’s humble beginnings. Believe it or not, the southern city in Germany was built upon a stud farm.

Porsche has a varied and interesting history. The great thing about Porsche is that it has stood the test of time, where many have tried and failed. Three cheers for Porsche!

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