3 Parts Of Your Car You Need To Check Before Driving

by BeemTech | Friday, Nov 13, 2015 | 2809 views

It’s a great feeling, getting in a car, ready to take it out for a spin on the road. The sense of freedom is so intoxicating that we often forget about the dangers. Don’t forget that you’ll be moving at fast speeds in what is essentially a big metal box. Sure, there are comfort areas, gizmos and gadgets. But, if you crash it’s just going to feel as though you’re trapped in metal. This is true no matter what car you’re driving. You’ll forget about the horsepower or the stopping speed it was supposed to have. All that will be gone from your mind and you’ll be left with one thought. Is everyone okay? That’s why it’s important to make checks to your car before you drive. They might one day save your life.



Checking the tyre pressure is actually quite simple and you’ve probably seen people do it with their own car. You just need to give the tire a nice firm kick. As long as you don’t feel any give your tyres are probably fine. If you want to be more scientific, use a tyre gauge. Tyres do wear down after time and will need replacing. Otherwise they lose their grip and become unsafe. On occasion, you should check your tyres for any slashes or marks. This could affect the grip as well. Don’t worry about not knowing if you have a flat tyre. You’ll feel it within seconds of driving your car and almost certainly see it. Finally, be aware it’s not a bad idea to change the tyres based on the weather. For instance, with winter coming up it might be a good idea to put on some winter tyres. These will give you more grip on icy roads.


You need to check your windscreen for two issues. The first is a crack or hole in the windscreen. Even if it’s small this could affect the integrity of the glass. Another hit and it might be break more. To save yourself an expensive repair and any further damage, get a small crack fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes a hole in the windscreen can not be seen by the human eye. Or even under a magnifying glass. The only proof is a whistling noise you will hear at high speeds.

The second thing you will need to check is that the windscreen can be cleaned effectively. If it can’t be, you’ll need to change your wipers. Poor visibility can easily cause a crash on a road.


What your car looks like inside is your business but leaving the outside of your car a mess can be dangerous. Aside from the fact that the buildup of grime and muck is unsightly, it can also get on the brake pads. If it does, it will stop them being as effective as they could be. Your braking distance will be dramatically increased so watch out for this.

Take this advice on board and you can be assured your car is safe for road use.

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