2016 Buick Cascada

The Buick Cascada is another uncommon sort of promoting effort: The auto as advertising. Without a doubt, there will be ads for it, however the auto itself is a commercial for Buick. An unnecessary number of the brand’s 223,055 U.S. deals a year ago were in the Midwest. Get too far outside of the home turf, and deals moderate to a stream. It won’t astound you to realize that none of the biggest convertible markets in the U.S. are in the Midwest. So as much as the Cascada exists to reinforce Buick’s business numbers, the brand’s advertisers don’t expect the greater part of the extra deals to be Cascadas.

Buick Cascada

They’re generally as amped up for the quantity of individuals they trust will come into the showroom to look at the convertible and after that commute home in another LaCrosse or an Enclave. Buick’s dedication here is as little as the auto’s business potential: The Cascada is only an Opel with an alternate logo. Try not to feel deceived; Regal and Verano purchasers don’t, and they’re pretty much cruising around in Opel Insignias and Astras.

The Cascada imparts a lot of its structure to the Verano however has a more drawn out wheelbase, reinforced A-columns, significant under body supporting, and a braced back bulkhead. All that fortification signifies a convertible that doesn’t so much tip the scales as it thumps it down, twists the pillar, and excursions two tons of stabilizers about the car-port. Four thousand pounds is a few genuine mass for an auto this size. The Verano, at only an inch shorter and an inch smaller, is somewhere in the range of 450 pounds lighter. The Cascada is almost as overwhelming as the BMW M4 convertible, which has a retractable metal hardtop and a turbocharged six in the engine. Twenty pounds for every torque is a spec you won’t discover anyplace outside of the substantial obligation pickup domain, and the 2016 Cascada quickens like the last diesel dual Ram we tried.

Between the Cascada’s roughly 8.4-second trudge to 60 mph and the Encore’s 9.3, Buick may have the slowest per-capita lineup of any brand in the United States. The relaxed increasing speed makes the HiPer Strut; the main role of which is to battle torque steer; look more like a promoting move than a building need. The 1.6 might be moderate, yet it’s flawlessly smooth, and its soundtrack is never strained. A 6 speed programmed is the main transmission decision; it is comparably casual and unpretentious.

Driving along the visitor plagued A1A, we really wanted to think how appropriate the Cascada would be to the car business’ most profound disgrace: rental obligation. Be that as it may, Buick is refreshingly real to life about the likelihood. The purpose of the Cascada is to get new potential clients inspired by Buick. Brand officials aren’t excessively anxious about how that experience happens. Inspiring individuals to see your item; that is advertising. As is the Cascada.

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